Overview on H2 in geosciences

Natural H2 production

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  • Truche, L., Salvi, S., & Bourdelle, F. (2019, August). Hydrogen Generation during Peralkaline Granite Hydrothermal Alteration. In Goldschmidt Conference.

Draining paths H2

  • [Donzé, F. V., Bourdet, L., Truche, L., Dusséaux, C., & Huyghe, P. (2024). Modeling deep control pulsing flux of native H2 throughout tectonic fault-valve systems. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 58, 1443-1456].

H2 exploration

  • Shekari Namin P., Mapping H2-fluid migration in faulted zones at the European scale. Master report, ISTerre, Université Grenoble Alpes, September 2020.

Updated on 2 March 2024